ISO 20000

ISO 20000 is a standardized set of requirements developed by the ISO/IEC which describe a Service Management System (SMS). An SMS is a set of policies, processes and procedures which, when integrated and executed in concert, provide a service management operational infrastructure that ensures to your customers that the services you provide will be of the highest quality, and that your operations are as smooth and efficient as possible.  

An SMS compliant with ISO 20000 is compatible with other management systems in your organizations such as ISO9001 or an ISO 27001 ISMS.  Moreover, ISO 20000 is intentionally independent of specific operational guidance, allowing you to be conformant to its requirements while still leveraging your own experience, infrastructure, or other generally accepted methods.  

Why ISO 20000?

One of the major challenges in purchasing a service is in fully understanding if the nature of that service is you expected. While on the veneer service provider’s describe at a high level the robust nature of not only their infrastructure but their management system, having sufficiently visibility into the organization to make such an assessment is often impossible or impractical.  Similarly, one of the major challenges in offering a service is in the ability to convey to your potential (or existing) customer that your infrastructure and management systems are indeed capable of delivering what you promise.

ISO 20000 is service management (SMS) standard that specifies requirements for a service provider to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review maintain and improve an SMS. In that the ISO 20000 conformant services provided can be readily described and demonstrably assured, benefit is extended to all parties.  

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