Solve OverviewWhile the implementation of standards like ISO 27001 promise Information Security Management, they can be difficult to understand, and daunting or impossible to achieve without help. Things get even more complicated because everyone knows something about information security, making seeking security assistance an exercise in determining who to trust.

Worse, along the road to certification, many organizations focus too much on crossing the “finish line,” losing sight of the big picture: the correct implementation of practical and appropriate privacy, regulatory and legal compliance, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans that’s designed to fit your business, not forcing you to conform to someone else’s ideas.

To reach your objective while staying true to your own philosophies, you need the help of an experienced specialist: JBW Group.

JBW Group can help.

Not only do we ensure you cross the finish line for certification (our clients have a 100% success rate), but we’re intent upon conveying understanding in the process and helping you understand gaps in existing security practices. You’ll learn as we work with you. Beyond that, our formal educational process is available, either in public or private venues, before, during and after your certification process.